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  The Harmonic Services Group was founded in 2003
as an innovative music publishing and services entity.
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The Harmonic Service Group is committed to and specializes in publishing lesser-known music, both new and old, and at fair and affordable prices. In addition, you should never run into the phrase "out of print" as works are continuously available in original professional quality format.

Works in Progress

Ludolf Nielsen: Symphony No. 3. This magnificent work flat out belongs in the standard repertoire! Danish composer Ludolf Nielsen was contemporaneous with his more famous though unrelated namesake Carl Nielsen. Ludolf's four movement 3rd symphony is over 50 minutes long, and written for a fairly large orchestra. A commercial recording exists on the dacapo label, Frank Cramer conducting the Bamberg Symphonic Orchestra. We will be releasing a performing edition of the complete symphony; the magnicificent 1st movement is being released momentarily by itself as a standalone "tone poem".

Myer Fredman: The catalog of arrangements by Australian conductor and recording artist Myer Fredman includes string orchestra arrangements of works of J.S. Bach, Dowland, Elgar and Tchaikovsky, arrangements for full orchestra by Donizetti, Elgar and Puccini, and a band arrangement of excerpts from Puccini's La Boheme. All opera arrangements are without voices.


Herb Gellis, On Three. Six sections in increasing meter (4/4, 5/8 to 9/8), using only the three pitches D, A and Bb, circa 12:50 minutes. Unabashedly neo-romantic, moods, power, tenderness, and joie de vivre - and yes melody!

Ludolf Nielsen, Symphony No. 3, 1st movement.

Agnes Bashir-DzodTsoeva, Dance, a lively work utilizing Arabic modes and characteristic melodies, by the founder of the Arabic Alliance for Women in Music.

Myer Fredman: (arrangements):

J.S. Bach, Passacaglia and Fugue in C minor, BWV 582, transcribed for string orchestra.

Michael Mauldin: American Record Guide says

"works ... show his ability to evoke the wonder of Western American landscapes."
  • Promontory Night. A night-piece tone-poem "dedicated to the spirits at Ghost Ranch, New Mexico".

Donald Appert, Northwest Triptych, An orchestral suite in 3 movements. Inspirations for the outer lively movements came to the composer while in or traveling from conducting assignments in El Salvador and Italy, whereas the slow heartfelt inner movement is an homage to a member of his home orchestra who recently passed away from cancer.

Joseph Wölfl, Piano Concerto, op. 64. Re-discovered and championed and performed by Jon Nakamatsu. These are new engravings. In an article entitled "Nakamatsu unearths a gem", the San Jose Mercury News wrote

"...an elegant, ultra-classical work with up-tipping passage work for the piano and surging energy."

Rimsky-Korsakoff, Symphony No. 1 in e minor. Our edition of Rimsky's strongly tuneful Opus 1 work is a major clean-up of the existing 1884 publication reprints.

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