Antonin Dvořák
  1841 - 1904
Parts in Modern Keys/Clefs
Full Orchestra

Suite in A "American", Opus 98b

approx. 20 minutes

3*.2.2.3* - timp, perc(3), str

The work: Dvořák wrote this five-movement suite originally for piano, shortly after his "New World" Symphony, while at the end of his residency in the United States. He completed the orchestration on return to Czechoslovakia. Note, the contrabassoon is used sparingly and only in the first movement to double the 2nd bassoon.

We offer transposed parts: clarinets in Bb, horns in F, trumpets in either Bb or C, and tenor trombones in tenor and bass clef. The original parts have clarinets in A with a small amount of Bb, horns in E and F, trumpets in E and C, and trombones in alto clef.

One transposed set of (choose C or Bb for trumpets): $20.

Trombone 1 in tenor or bass clef, and 2 in bass clef: $1.50 each.

Trumpet 1 or 2, in C or Bb: $1.50 each.

Horn 1, 2, 3 or 4 in F: $2 each.

Clarinet 1 or 2 in Bb: $3 each. Also available are new engravings of the parts as originally keyed - in A with a small 2nd movement section in Bb.