Agnes Bashir-Dzodtsoeva
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(1979, rev. 2006) approx. 5 minutes

2*.2.2.2 - timp,piano,perc(4),str
Percussion: 3 small drums, xylophone

set of parts:$43 (strings
each extra
orchestral part:
$1.25, except piano $2.00

Dance is a lively and ingratiating work utilizing Arabic modes with some irregular rhythms in the middle section. An opening rhythm in 4/4 is established at the beginning as each of the three drums enter and layer, leading to the first section with several melodies passed between the sections of the orchestra. The center section is in 8/8 and 9/8, where the 8/8 measures are split 3:3:2 or 3:2:3, and this leads to a shortened recap of the opening material. Note, the piano part is non-trivial and very full.