Jean Sibelius
  1865 - 1957
Parts in Modern Keys/Clefs
Full Orchestra

Spring Song, Opus 16

approx. 8 minutes

2*. - timp,glocken.,str

In the original publication, although Clarinets are in Bb, Trumpets are in F. We offer trumpets 1,2 and 3 in both Bb and C. Similarly, in the original publication the cellos stray somewhat often into tenor clef; We offer cellos fully in bass clef. Note, the original viola parts have a section that goes into treble clef (We don't offer a part fully in alto clef at this time, but you may inquire if you are interested).
Set of trumpet 1-3 parts in C and Bb: $6      each part: $2       (Bb and C parts are on flip sides of same page).

Each cello part in bass clef: $2.25