Nikolay Rimsky-Korsakoff
  1844 - 1908
New Editions
Full Orchestra

Symphony No. 1, Opus 1, in E minor

1884 Revision, approx. 27 minutes - timp,str,(opt. harp)

The original 1884 publication contains clarinets and trumpets in A (with the Andante in Bb), and trombones one and two mostly in alto clef. When ordering a full set of parts, please specify which of the following instrumentation you wish in your set, and individual parts may also be ordered separately as indicated. (Please inquire about alternatives if you have any in mind):

Clarinet 1 or 2 in A (with Bb Andante)[default], or all in Bb.

Trumpet 1 or 2 in C (with Bb Andante) [default], or all in Bb, or all in C.

Tenor Trombone 1 in tenor [default], alto, or bass clef.

Tenor Trombone 2 in tenor, alto, or bass [default] clef.

score: $60
set of parts: $135
each extra part: $5 strings
$4 winds
$3 brass or timpani
$2 harp

This new engraving remedies well over one thousand discrepancies and errors between score and parts found in the original V. Bessel publication currently available in reprints. This includes corrections for dozens of missing or misplaced rehearsal marks, many hundreds of incorrect accents and dynamics, missing accents and dynamics or wrongly placed dynamics, wrongly attributed instruments, and for more critical problems such as some wrong pitches, wrong multi-rest counts, and wrong note durations.

In addition, better and more numerous cues are also provided in the parts (including many cues for 1st instruments in their 2nd counterparts), good page turns, good system breaks as practicable, and modern instrumentation. Both score and all parts show the Scherzo with D.C. al Segno consistently rather than the original which has the score and a few of the parts being fully written out with no indications. Cello and Bass are separate parts (they were combined in the original showing 1 to 3 staves per system.) Rehearsal marks identical to the original Bessel publication are used, and measure numbers are also provided (none in the original publication's score or parts). The score contains program notes for the work which may be used freely.

This work was revisited by Rimsky-Korsakoff in 1884, 19 years after the first version; he did extensive re-orchestration throughout, lengthened three of the movements, re-ordered the Andante and Scherzo movements, and also changed the primary key from E-flat minor to E-minor. Rimsky indicated at the time that the symphony might then be worthwhile for university or community orchestras. He was being far too reticent! It may not have the exotic qualities of many of his later and more famous compositions but it is positively brimming with strong themes well laid out in a classic four movement format. It is quite playable as well as offering sufficient challenge for all, including a bracing Scherzo. The movements are:
I. Largo Assai; Allegro  2:15 MIDI excerpt
II. Andante tranquillo  MIDI excerpt soon
III. Scherzo  1:10 MIDI excerpt
IV. Allegro assai  MIDI excerpt soon