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  The Harmonic Services Group provides innovative tiered-service music publishing arrangements for composers, with most of our titles available for sale at prices competitive with public domain works, and for the remainder a flexible lower-cost rent-to-own approach for music rental (a form of permanent rental).

The combination of these approaches is intended to increase all parties "happiness quotient" by eliminating hassles and re-arranging the cost and income distribution to enable more performances with lower per-performance fees while maintaining satisfactory income to composer and publisher.

Sales and Rentals   Composer-Publisher
All currently available works from us may be purchased outright at prices competitive with typical works in the public domain. Should any be offered on a rental basis only, they will offered via a variation on permanent rental called rent-to-own.

Rent-to-own Concept

Traditional music rentals tend to have higher prices, additional cost per performance within a performance set, tight rental periods around rehearsals and performances, and a limited number of available sets needing advance reservation. Traditional rental sets also require gentle handling and mark-up of the scores and parts, with markings erased before being returned to the publisher, and over time their quality declines as they are re-used.

Our Rent-to-Own approach solves all of these problems:

Availability Works under this program can be ordered at any time, are always available, and should never go "out of print." There are an indefinite number of sets, each printed as needed; each client always receives a pristine copy.

Ownership In effect, you are purchasing the physical copies of score and parts but under a very specific and limited leasing arrangement allowing your organization (and only your organization) to play the purchased music at will. You keep the music and may mark it up as needed - no need to worry about erasing or returning anything - the physical paper is yours to keep forever as if it were a straight purchase.

Cost Initially you pay a single "full-price" rental amount regardless of whether there is one or several performances in a set. Future performance sets are charged on a reducing percentage of the extant cost per performance set at 80%, 60%, 40%, and finally 20%, after which the work is considered purchased and no further rental payments are required. One may alternatively make a one-time purchase at 250% of the current rental price.

Note, as long as a work is still under copyright, performance and other applicable royalties must still be paid as per usual, at all times, including after a work is "paid off". This is normally via licensing agreements directly with ASCAP or other appropriate agencies, but if the client does not maintain such external licensing agreements, then the appropriate royalties would be payed to the Harmonic Services Group and/or the composer or copyright holder.

  In a traditional composer-publisher relationship the publisher takes over all aspects of publishing, typesetting, printing, handling, and marketing the composer's works. The balance of income distribution usually is structured such that the publisher earns all or most of the publisher royalties accrued via performances and returns a small percentage of the per-instance rental/purchase price to the composers.

Income-wise, the publisher reaps most of the publishing-related income as they perform the bulk of publishing and marketing duties, and the composer is freed to concentrate on writing new music. There is the expectation that a greater number of performances are likely with this "full-service" publisher approach, each party performing their own professional specialty. There are also many arrangements where the publisher requires the composer to turn over their copyright to them, otherwise the composer would continue to receive their own writer royalties.

The Harmonic Services Group offers a tiered-service approach where the income distribution between composer and publisher changes depending on the service level(s) chosen, and no composer is ever asked to turn over their works copyright:

Service Levels By mutual agreement of composer and publisher one of three levels of service may be selected per work registered with the Harmonic Services Group: minimum, normal, or premium. Each level has its own requirements, effort and income distribution between composer and publisher. The minimum level has some similarity to an Administrative Agreement, the normal level has some similarity to a Co-publishing Agreement, and premium is basically full-service publishing.

Income In addition to their own writer royalties, and per-instance sale/rental percentage, composers will also share part of the publisher royalties accrued from performance of their work, the amount depending on their service levels. This can be very significant new income at the lower service levels, where the composer in effect acts as a "contractor" performing parts of the publishing service.