Kendra Bickler
Orchestral Works Chamber Works

Kendra has studied Javanese Gamelan with the late Lou Harrison, and composition most recently with Dr. Richard Aldag at San Jose State University. Aside from being a percussionist, she also plays piano, is a vocalist, and also plays the Native American Cedar Flute - part of her heritage.

Kendra claims a diverse set of musical styles as her influences, from Beethoven to Copland, Heavy Metal, New Age and ethnic/world music including Native American. Four of her pieces have been performed by the Student Staff Ensembles of the Cabrillo Music Festival, Strange Weather in 2002, Gending Lou for Javanese Gamelan and chamber group in 2003, Lately... for string quartet in 2004, and Influences and Inspirations for diverse mixed ensemble and percussion in 2004. The Hewlett-Packard Symphony played her Lately... for string orchestra in 2003. She also received a scholarship from the Women's Philharmonic to attend their symposium in 2002.

Beyond her musical interests, Kendra also paints, and has multiple ties to the world of animals, from having done work as a veterinary technician to being a professional herpetoculturist (reptile breeder and hobbyist).