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Work ID Duration Composer Name of Work
Full Orchestra
00047 21:00Donald AppertNorthwest Triptych
00020 20:00Antonin DvořákSuite in A, American, op. 98b, transposed parts only
00035 20:00Donizetti/FredmanSuite Donizettiana
00040 8:00Elgar/FredmanSursum Corda
00034 20:00Puccini/FredmanSouvenir de Boheme
00045 15:00Tchaikovsky/FredmanTchaikovskiana
00002 10:15Herb GellisDuplex
00004 10:00Herb GellisPraetorius Suite
00024 17:30Herb GellisShort Symphony, on Eastern modes
00050 12:20Herb GellisOn Three [in manuscript prep]
00010 10:15Corliss KimmelDenali Seasons
00023 5:00Michael MauldinDawn at San Juan Mesa
00026 8:00Michael MauldinThree Jemez Landscapes
00028 5:15Michael MauldinThe Valley at Annacarla
00048 53:00Ludolf NielsenSymphony No. 3 [to be released]
00049 12:00Ludolf NielsenSymphony No. 3, 1st movement
00012 27:00Rimsky-KorsakoffSymphony No. 1 (1884 revision)
00015 12:00Jean SibeliusSpring Song, op. 16, transposed parts only
Full Orchestra with soloist
00001 10:30Herb GellisCorduroy, Concertino for bari-sax and orchestra
00003 6:40Herb GellisAllegro Sauvage, for timpani and orchestra
Chamber Orchestra
00017 7:00Donald AppertPrism
00018 8:00Donald AppertChasm
00025 5:00Agnes Bashir-DzodtsoevaDance
00027 8:00Michael MauldinPromontory Night
00042 18:00Mozart/FredmanSuite from Idomeneo
Chamber Orchestra with soloist
00019 17:00Joseph WölflPiano Concerto in E, op. 64
String Orchestra
00013 12:30Donald AppertElegy for Strings
00014 7:20Donald AppertIn the Similitude of a Dream
00030 15:15Donald AppertNara Variations
00016 3:30Donald AppertThru a Glass Darkly
00011 6:45Kendra BicklerLately... for String Orchestra
00032 9:00J.S. Bach/FredmanFantasie and Fugue in A Minor, BWV 537
00033 14:00J.S. Bach/FredmanPassacaglia and Fugue in C Minor, BWV 582
00037 10:00Dowland/FredmanDivers Dowland, arranged from 5 of the 22 Lacrimae
00038 6:00Elgar/FredmanMalvern Music
00039 8:00Elgar/FredmanSongs without Words
00041 6:00Handel/FredmanChaconne in A major
00043 10:00Tchaikovsky/FredmanAlbum for the Young
00044 15:00Tchaikovsky/FredmanSuite for Strings
00005 7:00Herb GellisHymn
(Works written specifically for) Youth Orchestra
00039 8:00Elgar/FredmanSongs without Words
00043 10:00Tchaikovsky/FredmanAlbum for the Young
00010 10:15Corliss KimmelDenali Seasons
00023 5:00Michael MauldinDawn at San Juan Mesa
00028 5:15Michael MauldinThe Valley at Annacarla
00036 15:00Puccini/FredmanMemories of Boheme
Chamber Works for strings
00011qt 6:45Kendra BicklerLately... for String Quartet
00038qt 6:00Elgar/FredmanMalvern Music
00006 25:30Herb GellisString Quartet No. 1
Chamber Works for brass
00008 10:00Herb GellisMojave for brass quintet
Chamber Works for winds
00007 6:00Herb GellisScherzo Oblique for oboe, bassoon and horn
Solo works
00009 5:30Herb GellisDeclamation for organ