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Short Symphony, on Eastern modes

(2005, ed. 2006) approx. 17:30 minutes

2+1.2*.2.2 - timp,perc(2),str
The English horn part is cued for oboe/bassoon.
Percussion: bd, sd, s. cym., claves, tamb., tri.

set of parts:$79 (strings
extra parts, each:
$3.00either violin
$2.50other string or percussion
$2.00timpani or a flute
$1.50all others

A short symphony in a typical four movement format, however all movements are attacca. Off a base of C harmonic-minor, Eastern modes and scales are utilized throughout, notably the Arabic Nawa athar maqam family. The last movement's motivic material comes from fragments of the (Israeli national anthem) Hatikvah's melody, particularly the opening rising phrase, and more modes are used than in preceding movements. Detailed program notes are included in the score and may be freely used.

Premiered by the HP Symphony Orchestra in 2005, George Yefchak conducting. Also played by the St. Edwards University Orchestra (Austin TX), Robert Radmer conducting, the South Bay Philharmonic, George Yefchak conducting, and the Jewish Community Orchestra of Portland, Donald Appert conducting (1/31/16).
1. Allegro Moderato (4:00)
2. Grave (4:30)
3. Scherzo (2:30)
4. Finale (6:30)


Corduroy, Concertino for Baritone Saxophone and Orchestra

(2002-2003) approx. 10:30 minutes

2+ - timp,perc(2),str

set of parts:$65 (strings
separate solo part:$4
each extra
orchestral part:

A three-movement mini-concerto in the typical fast-slow-fast format:
Medium Wale Light and playful, in an "Irish" 12/8;
Fine Wale Wistful, Sunny, and Grand; attacca...
Wide Wale Jazzy, "Casbah" bacchanalia, with increasing impetuousness.


(2000, rev.2003) approx. 10:15 minutes

1+1.2.2+1.2 - timp,perc(3),str

An essay in most everything related to its name. Based on a "secret" melody source, a basically sonata-allegro form with rhythmically diverse variational sections, with double introduction and coda bookends.

Allegro Sauvage, for timpani and orchestra

(1998, 2007) approx. 6:40 minutes

2+ - timp,perc(4),str

set of parts:$65 (strings
each extra
orchestral part:
$2 each string except bass;
$2.50 timpani;
$1 horn 3 or 4, trombone 1 or 2, or tuba;
$4 percussion score;
$1.50 all others.

Revised Version. A somewhat dark, driven, rhythmic work mostly in 7/4. It is a fantasy pitting the "evil Sauvage" persona against the protagonist. This work has been re-orchestrated and re-written in 2007, expanded in length and instrumentation, and introduces a new motif (the "warning"), and new "scena", including an early face-off — the "wicked tuba tango".

Praetorius Suite

(1995, 2008) approx. 10 minutes

2+1.2.2+1.2 - timp,perc(2),str

set of parts:$70 (strings
each extra
orchestral part:
$2.50 each string;
$2.00 percussion and all winds, except piccolo;
$1.50 all others.

An orchestral arrangement in five movements of several of Michael Praetorius' Dances from Terpsichore, 1612. Re-orchestrated in 2008.

1. Courante (2:00)
2. Bourree (1:45)
3. Ballet (2:15)
4. Philou (2:30)
5. Volte (1:00)

String Orchestra


(2002, ed. 2005) approx. 7 minutes

A yearning work entirely "in C"; an update of the original.
score: $6      parts: $25 (strings, or specify any other combination of 20)      each extra part: $1.25