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  The Harmonic Services Group is proud to represent works
currently by the following composers:
Donald Appert, composer, conductor, and trombonist. Agnes Bashir-Dzodtsoeva, composer, pianist, and teacher in Jordan. Kendra Bickler, native Californian composer and percussionist. Antonin Dvořák, the famous Czech composer. Alternate (modern) key parts.
Myer Fredman, Australian arranger, conductor, and recording artist. Herb Gellis, "neo-romantic" composer, with special emphasis on works for orchestra. Corliss Kimmel, Alaskan composer and percussionist. Michael Mauldin. Wide-ranging repertoire, particularly those evocative of New Mexico.
Ludolf Nielsen, Danish composer, contemporaneous with but unrelated to namesake Carl Nielsen. Nikolay Rimsky-Korsakoff. New corrected editions including alternative (key and clef) wind parts. Jean Sibelius, the famous Finnish composer. Alternate (modern) key parts. Joseph Wölfl, A Beethoven contemporary admired as a pianist by LVB himself.