Herb Gellis
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Herb Gellis is a composer of distinctive works, strongly rhythmic, melodic and emotionally satisfying, with special emphasis on works for orchestra. His small but growing catalog of works are decidedly "neo-romantic". He has studied violin and oboe under respectively Claudia Fountain and Patricia Mitchell, both of the former San Jose Symphony.

Herb is Webmaster and past-President of the San Francisco chapter of the National Association of Composers, USA, and webmaster of the OrchestraList, an international forum for orchestra professionals. In 1993 he founded the Hewlett-Packard Symphony Orchestra, which he managed as music director through its 16th season, and also played in the second violin and percussion sections; That orchestra then morphed into the South Bay Philharmonic, of which Herb is President and Music Director. He is also a past President of the Silicon Valley Arts Coalition, a consortium of local small-budget art groups.

In 2003 he created the Harmonic Services Group to provide both music and software services, including music copyist and publishing services, website and application development.